Muscular Patrick Ives is Hot Barebacking's spotlight stud this week. He's got a super hot body, toned and bulging in all the right places. And while Patrick has a friendly look to him, make no mistake, he's a commanding top. He has high expectations for his bottoms and he's always watching to make sure they don't fuck up. He's truly inventive in the many ways he chooses to use his bottoms. He loves a hard ass-pounding with nothing but pre-cum for lube. He's featured in a raunchy video clip at Hot Barebacking where he's give a jail cell mate's butt hole a good work over, first with his cock, and then, with a baseball bat. Look at that strong, muscular body of his, he has thrusting power and he can deliver a hard fuck. With his butt boy leaning over the cot, Patrick holds onto his butt and fucks him hard until his bottom begs for mercy. And then what does he do? He throws him on the bed and works a baseball bat into his tight hole. And when his bottom is almost complete spent, he throws another hard fuck into him. This is one top you'd want to experience.

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