Hard Uncut Cock

The cock sucker's pose always turns me on large. What can I say? I love sucking cock, and when I see a picture like this, with the photographer aiming up at a hard, uncut cock, my balls start tingling. I love servicing a nice cock and making a man feel good. It doesn't have to be a huge cock, in fact, I prefer comfortably average-sized dicks. At 9.5 inchces, Ricky's hard uncut cock is on the large size of my preference, but I sure would try to manage it. He's got a beautiful, bulbous crown and I can imagine juicing it up with my mouth. One of my hottest sexual experiences was with a regular suck buddy I had for a summer. Rick had broken his leg and he was homebound. I had met him at an orgy and had blown him there. A week or so after the party, I e-mailed him and told him that I loved sucking his cock, and if ever again ... So he started e-mailing me once a week, "Are you around?" he'd write. And if I was, I'd walk up to his place and give him a blowjob while he sat on his couch. That's it. No kissing, no fucking, no reciprocation of any time. And I was cool with that. Just get on my knees and fifteen minutes later he was blowing a load down my throat. Ricky's dick reminded me of that summer.

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