For those into the heavy BDSM stuff all I can is...WOW. This is a completely free site. However, because of serious restrictions due to certain laws, HardMaster is now forced to use the ManCheck system for age verification. It's only $19.95 a year and it gets you into a lot of other cool sites as well. When I first got into HardMaster I thought for sure I'd be disappointed with the proverbial posing guys in leather and such. No way. This shit is for real. All real private sessions featuring Masters training their Boys. This is the way it's supposed to be done. No holds barred. Of course, I'm not right in the head either. LOL. But seriously, the men featured inside this site are even hotter than the guys you see on the home page. The type of men you'd stare at walking down the street and would think were men's men. But no.

Here they are bent over, ready to receive whatever their Masters can dish out to them. Take it from a hardcore fetish freak guys. It's worth every penny of that $19.95 to get into these sites. Especially HardMaster!

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