Ettore Tosi

One of our all-time favorite hairy gay porn stars is having a birthday. We won't say how old he is (God only knows!), but Ettore Tosi is still looking fine for any age. The photos you see here are from an unreleased set shot during his heyday, when Ettore's furry body and piercing blue eyes were gracing the box covers of numerous hit movies, including the classic Hotel Italia and The Road to Naples.

Ettore started out as a production assistant for Lucas Kazan Productions in the late 1990s. Then he moved in front of the camera to perform and serve as the main spokesmodel for the studio. This hot-blooded Scorpio is believed to be the first Italian gay porn star. Eventually, Ettore started working behind the scenes, where he still serves as a producer and a director. To see more of Ettore Tosi's body of work, visit Lucas Kazan.

Ettore Tosi

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