It reads like the biography of a war general (albeit in the war for the hearts and minds of gay porn aficionados) or, more aptly, one of the great observers of our time: Adult Video News, GAYVN, Adam Gay Film & Video Directory, Unzipped, Freshmen, Men, Latin Inches, Black Inches, All-Man, Manshots, Inside Porn and HX. And those are just his bylines.

But, then again, Vincent Lambert, NYC-based reporter, journalist, blogger, GAYVN judge and photographer is no ordinary man. For the last 15 years-or-so, Messr. Lambert has been, in his refreshingly unpretentious role, the voice of an industry through all of its drama, permutations and endlessly fascinating developments.

Today, celebrates its fourth anniversary and I had a chance to catch up with the man behind the words to see how life was treating him and whether or not it's true that gay porn stars get the best coke.

Victor: Who are you and why should we read you? (And don't think by telling us you have an especially large penis will impress us. Because it will.)

Vincent: I am a journalist, writer, editor, blogger, photographer and deep thinker. I guess you should read me because I have more than a decade's worth of experience covering the porn industry, which means I have my own unique take on it--and I know where all the bodies are buried. Plus, I can spell!

Victor: Your posts are thoughtful, well fleshed-out, exactingly researched and about as close to honest-to-goodness journalism as one can find in the gay porn industry. Is that why so few people leave comments on your blog?

Vincent: Thank you. I would hope that is what readers would want, expect and demand from their porn blogs. But I don't get a lot of comments because I don't stir the pot. I don't write about things that are particularly controversial. I just write about things that I find interesting, entertaining and funny. And I never put myself into the story. Bloggers who create drama are the ones who get a lot of comments. But I would rather be legit and professional than just say anything to get hits. In the end, it's really not worth it.

Victor: You've been blogging for four years now but your ties to the adult entertainment industry go much deeper. (No, no pun. Sorry.) Aside from the sheer glut of content, can you discuss some of the more profound, lasting changes you've seen? Sexually speaking, what do you think we have to look forward to in the future besides more tube sites and Pierre Fitch's body parts molded into flame retardant silicone?

Vincent: Well, when I started, people used to watch VHS tapes! Can you imagine!? So the changes have been massive and widespread. Everything has pretty much moved online and away from hard product. Fans don't want to watch movies with plots; they just want short bits and pieces. So, sadly, some of the art and creativity have gone out of porn. But looking forward, fetish and niche porn seem to be the wave of the future. There'll be something for everyone, and that's a good thing.

Victor: Racism in gay porn. Discuss.

Vincent: Can I pass on this one!? Just kidding. I'm sure racism exists in gay porn, just as it exists in the mainstream part of show business and as it exists in the real world. Just like ageism, sexism, anti-Semitism and any other kind of discrimination you can name. There are a lot of sides to this story. And like anything else, it will take the porn industry time to catch up with the times. As with any business, it's all about supply and demand.

Victor: In your opinion - or frankly anyone else's you want to take credit for - how serious a threat is piracy and file sharing to gay porn content? There's a lot of hand-wringing but you'd never know it. Heck, Corbin Fisher is building a 15K square foot studio in Las Vegas! (And why do you think the industry, as a whole, has been so reluctant to unify against said threat?)

Vincent: I think it's a huge threat. When people cease to pay for porn, there is no way for the studios and legit porn producers to exist. Do we want everyone to be jerking off to amateur videos on XTube? I would hope that the standards of quality for the business are a bit higher than that. I'm not sure the industry is reluctant to band together. It's just that it's so big and disjointed; it makes it tough for everyone to agree on how to do it. But I think everyone agrees that it's an important issue and will become more so as technology becomes even more all-consuming.

Victor: What are you favorite pair of pajamas? You know, the ones you lounge around in all day while you sip French Press-roasted coffee and blog about porn on your laptop?

Vincent: Well, I don't wear pajamas to bed (TMI?!), I don't drink coffee and I don't own a laptop. Sorry! But I can usually be found blogging in blue plaid sweats and a black hoodie with a fleur-de-lis on it. Does that sound tacky?!

Victor: Anyone can host a blog but not anyone can come up with fresh, interesting insights into the gay porn industry. Who do you think is doing an especially good job of covering this business? Besides Gay Demon, naturally?

Vincent: I feel like there are a lot of people who all cover similar ground. It seems like there just aren't that many interesting stories around these days. That's why some bloggers have to manufacture them or wet their pants over really nothing at all. Who says you have to post five times a day if there is nothing to write about?! Yawn.

Victor: As your role as a judge for the GAYVNs, what do you look for in, say, the 'Best Video of The Year?' Aside from a few technical considerations, doesn't it all really come down to the chemistry? And how do you judge that? And as a follow-up, have you ever abused your position of power to sleep with any stars. Which ones, because I'm going to contact them and tell them I'm replacing you in your role as judge.

Vincent: After being a GAYVN judge for 12 years, I still consider it an honor and a challenge. To receive more than 60 films and to have to wade through them to find the best of the best is about as fun as it sounds. Like the voters who judge the Oscars, the Golden Globes or any other award, I am looking for that combination of talent, skill, beauty, vision, heat, great casting, writing and direction, but I also look for that edge. Who is moving the industry and the genre forward? What is new and exciting and different? And always, what is turning on the fans--mentally and, er, physically. Some years it's easier than others. And no, no sleeping with the models. But you do get comp tickets to the show and tons of free lube!

Victor: What's your favorite, all-time gay porn movie? Is it the one you've watched the most?

Vincent: There are so many. I would say my tastes tend more toward the classic titles, like Powertool, Spokes and The Other Side of Aspen. I think I wore out a couple copies of those. I still prefer porn that has some sort of story or setup because sex with context is so much hotter. I also tend to have favorite models, like Jeff Stryker, Dean Phoenix and Rod Barry, and I go back to their work, too.

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