Hans Berlin & Jay Bentley in "Upper Hand" Hans Berlin & Jay Bentley in "Upper Hand"

In this third and final episode of Titan Men's Upper Hand, Jay Bentley is showering in the bricked stall just off his pool. He notices the handyman Hans Berlin spying on him, then Hans pulls out his boner and gives it a few tugs. When their eyes finally meet, Hans knows it's okay to move into the shower. He peels off his clothes and joins Jay, they kiss and their stiffening cocks touch. Hans wraps his fist around them and strokes them together, then Jay kneels to gulp Hans' big piece of meat. He doesn't just go deep, he goes all the way.

It's pure pleasure watching Jay swallow Hans' dick. Spit trails out of his mouth and he stabs Hans' erection down his throat, Hans holds the back of Jay's head, but he really doesn't need the help. They swap head back and forth in the shower, then head inside so Hans can bury his cock in Jay's ass. Jay bends over the bed, Hans inches inside of him, then he pins Jay to the bed and mounts him. I love this postion with Hans straddling Jay, his thick thighs corralling the bottom, while he thrusts with deep, forceful strokes.

Later, Hans lies back and Jay rides his dick. And this is how they both cum. Jay blows his wad with Hans buried in his hole. A giant arc of jizz flies across Hans' body and splatters on his chin. He reaches for his cock and strokes it and sprays streams of cum up Jay's ass and back. This passionate scene is definitely worth checking out

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