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I imagine the nice thing about being the boss is that you could end up with an office full of handsome young execs. Well, at least if your human resources director is a horny and dirty old man who stocks the office with lots of eye candy. And wouldn't Men at Play's Bruno be a welcome addition to your office? But good Lord, how would you get any work done? He's a good-looking hunk with a square jaw, and he looks quite dashing in his suit. Sitting across from you, he flashes you his sweet, charming smile and you'll believe anything he tells you. Like you're the best boss in the world and he loves working for your company. Before you know it, he's got you down on your knees. Now who's the boss? He fishes out his big cock and tell you exactly how to suck it. And while you're begging for more, he gives you what he thinks you deserve. Hungry for more you swallow right down to his smoothly shaved balls, and as you tickle his sensitive cock head with the back of your throat, you feel his balls tighten up. He may think he's the boss, but you have him exactly where you want him now!

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