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Master Avery is a master from New York City who showed up at the Bound Gods booth at IML (International Mr. Leatherman) this year. And after talking with the guys, he set up a date to do a scene for them. (I blogged about it in New Master, New Slave.) And he did so well and had such a good time that Bound Gods invited him back to train another horny slave just in time for Halloween.

Halloween happens to be Master Avery's favorite day of the year. It's a day when he performs a ritual in which he ties up his victim on a satanic pentagram, hoping to gain the favour of his master, the infamous Baphomet. Alessio Romero is this year's sacrifice and he's bound and set in the middle of a pentagram surrounded by candles. Master Avery drips Alessio's body with hot wax and the slave howls.

Then Alessio is subjected to an intense flogging session, first with double flogs, then with a single tail flogger. After getting his dick serviced by this slave's hungry mouth, Avery sets about delivering a punishing fuck in the middle of the pentagram. With his hands bound behind his back and down on all fours, Alessio's face grinds into the floor as his master pummels his ass and works up a juicy load of spunk. Head over to Bound Gods and watch the free video trailer.

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