We've written about gay comics before, so we all know that they can be hot and homoerotic and sexier than Veronica and Betty doing girl-on-girl! Now Class Comics is getting into the spirit of this spooky season with two all-new volumes dedicated to Halloween. Meaty #3: The Class Comics Halloween Special contains more that 100 full-color illustrations and mini comic strips from over 80 talented artists. And there was so much great material--including classic characters such as official Halloween ambassador Jacko The Halloweener, who is always horny and ready to jump every buff hero he can get his hands on--that the books are divided into two sections: The Trick Edition and The Treat Edition. What an inspired idea! Class Comics partners and publishers Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser must really enjoy Halloween, because they've given fans a truly delectable treat with these two themed issues. To download the books in PDF form, visit ClassComics.com.


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