Hairy Straight Guy

Manny is a 25-year-old hottie who strips off his shirt and flashes his hairy armpits while shooting the shit with the photographer. Manny has beautiful green eyes, black hair and fair features, and he's sporting a soul patch and some sexy chin scruff. Manny continues to strip and tease us along the way. He pulls off each sock and takes a moment to smell them. Then he finally slides his underwear down around his ankles. Totally naked, Manny gets down on the floor and shows of his hairy butt hole. His balls are shaved smooth and stand out in contrast with his hairy body. Funny that a straight guy would think about shaving his nuts. Manny caresses his man hole and spreads his ass cheeks. Manny sits back up on the stool and starts jacking his cock. His smooth, tight balls loosen up as he pumps his meat. And as this straight hairy guy gets horny, his cock lengthens and stiffens. He leans back against the desk and empties his balls all over his hairy belly.



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