Hairy Redhead

I love redheads, but they're so few and far between in gay porn. I love their skin covered with freckles and moles, their fine red body hair, their burning pubic bush, and a lot of redheads are pretty well hung. Like Raul Marcos here from Butch Dixon. He recently stripped naked for the masculine man site and he's packing a super big, 9-inch cock. When it's soft, it hangs heavily between his legs. His meaty cock is sheathed in foreskin that nearly covers his whole cockhead, but the sensitive tip is exposed teasingly. When this hairy redhead's cock is at full mast, it curves strongly in his hand. It gets fatter and thicker as he tweaks his nipples of plays with his balls. And when Marcos turns around and shows off his ass, his butt cheeks and lower back are covered with a smattering of freckles. And Butch Dixon gets in close with his camera and lets us gaze at that burning, fiery bush. Fuck! This is one hairy redhead you don't want to miss.

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