Hairy Pit Paradise

Blogger Mark makes no secret of the fact that Hairy Pit Paradise is a place for pit-hair lovers to come, unzip, relax and enjoy. He's got a passion for armpits and he likes to share it with us, which is great news for all underarm fur fans. Actually, with all fans of fur full stop. Mark gives us not only some close up shots of underarm hair but of hairy asses, chests, legs, groins and even backs. And he doesn't go in for arty, posed, back-lit, dreamy shots that might be found in a coffee table book. Oh no, he goes right in for the hardcore with loads of borrowed pics of hard guys and hardcore shots of hairy men, with appropriate comments. He gives us videos, too (watch out for attached pop-ups on some), and basically he gathers together anything horny that's got a hair or armpit shot involved. Just like he says in his introduction, this is a place to relax, whip it out and have fun.

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