Hairy Older Man

David is a handsome, hairy older man who had a profile on and the Hot Older Male guys e-mailed him and asked him if he'd be interested in doing a video for the site. And luckily he was willing to fly down to San Francisco and show off his stuff for the cameras. And what a hot man. David is 52 years old, handsome, and very hairy. And when he turns around and shows off his ass, even his back is lightly covered in hair - fine patches of fur falling across is shoulders, down his sides, and gathering in a light patch in the small of his back. And if you're a butt man, you're going to love David's beefy ass - two hands full of flesh begging to be spread. Looking like a classic 70s porn star, David is sporting a mighty cock. It's long, meaty, and swinging freely above his smooth, low hanging balls. This hairy older man is really going to get your daddy mojo going. I know I can't stop thinking of being on my knees in front of this sexy man.



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