Hairy Man Pool Sex

If you've never been to a clothing-optional guest house or resort, you ought to treat yourself. These two hairy hunks are lounging by the pool and soaking up some of the hot, afternoon sun. Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti are horsing around in the pool, splashing and throwing each other around. Eventually they settle in for some relaxation, but all that testosterone coursing through their veins gets them churned up for some suck and fuck action. And Pantheon Bear is there to catch the action on video. Sitting on the edge of the pool, Tim's solid and hairy body looks pretty tempting, glistening in the hot sun. Nick shimmies between Tim's legs and swallows the hairy man's stiffening cock. Tim jumps into the pool, and the two men kiss passionately in the water. And then, Nick sits on the pool's edge while Tim slobbers all over his cock. After some more kissing and cock sucking in a lounge chair, Nick offers up his beautifully shaved butt hole to his hairy buddy. Tim is only too happy to drive his hard cock into Nick's ass. Tim pumps NIck's ass with the sun beating down on the two of them; their bodies, covered in sweat, slide together easily. And after a vigorous and passionate fuck session, the two hairy men beat off together, covering Nick with their sticky cumloads.

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