The latest video clips at Hot Older Male is a fantasy come true. It features two of my favourite hairy men - Jake Rowe and Hunt Parker. I have seen Jake Rowe around for a couple of years, he has done some stuff for Hot Desert Knights. He's a ruggedly handsome man with a salt 'n pepper beard, hard hairy body, and a pierced cock. Hunt Parker looks like he could be Jake's better looking brother or cousin. I first discovered Hunt on Hot Older Male where he posed in a solo picture gallery. And he's a hot fucker. He's balding with salt 'n pepper facial hair, more like beard scruff than an actual beard. His body is strong, muscular, and happy. And he has a couple of those pencil tip eraser-sized nipples that you could just chew on for a long time. And he's also sporting a prince Albert. Imagine my surprise when I checked out Hot Older Male this morning and saw the two of them featured in a video clips together. "OH, I wonder who will be fucking whom," I thought. To my absolute delight, they're fucking each other. So I'm going to make this short, I've got a video clip to watch.

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