It's been a couple of weeks since I stopped by Bear Films, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Gabe and Thomas going at it. Gabe and Thomas start off shirtless and kissing on a couch. Watching two hairy men kiss always gets me hot and bothered. Thomas likes it, too, because it's not long before he's on his knees and Gabe's cock is in his mouth. Thomas is the completely bald one. He's got a sexy reddish-brown goatee and beautiful green eyes. And he goes to town on Gabe's fat cock. Gabe's no slouch either and he takes his turn sucking Thomas's cock. These two hairy men use every inch of that couch and eventually move to the floor for a hot 69 scene. Gabe lubes up Thomas's ass with his tongue before Thomas sits on the hairy man's cock. He rides for a while, and then, these two hairy men beat off together. They spew cum all over Gabe's hairy belly, and in fact, Thomas's blows two loads in a row all over his hairy buddy. Hot!

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