Hairy Man Blowjob

I've been waiting for this video for a while now. Butch Dixon has been teasing us for over a month with this hot, hairy man, and they finally debuted the video last week. Marco Van is a sexy, hairy man. He's good looking with a beefy and muscular body, and he's covered with hair and tattoos. He's fairly nicely hung, too, and horny Frenchman Thierry Lamasse wastes no time getting down on his knees and nursing on Marco's dick. Marco grabs the Frenchman by the head and rams his dick down his throat. Then it's Marco's turn, but he's got a bigger job to tend with - Thierry is packing a 9-inch wallop! But Marco's a pro and knows how to slide a big dick down his throat. Once Marco has taken care of Thierry's big dick, the hairy hunk bends over and gives Thierry something to aim for. The two men grunt and groan and Thierry pounds Marco's ass doing double time. Thierry fucks like a rabbit and Marco takes every minute and inch of it. But Marco's cumshot is to die for! After taking Thierry load across his hairy chest, Marco stands up and unloads all over Thierry's thick, uncut cock. And when he's done pumping, he gets back down on his knees and cleans up his own load! Awesome!

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