Hairy Man Jacking Off

Can you imagine coming home one day and finding a hot, hairy man like Dodger lying in your hammock? He's completely naked except for his cowboy hat and boots. He's a big man, 6'1" and stretched across the whole length of you hammock. As he strokes his cock with one hand and uses the other to massage his balls, his barrel chest heaves up and down. His chest is massive and hairy, and it's topped by two super hard nipples. His belly is very hairy, an inviting place to lay your head for a nap. And his long, hairy legs are slightly bent so he can reach between them and play with his fuck hole. Dodger's got a big cock, too. It's screaming red, engorged with blood and wrapped up tight in his metal cock ring. His balls are turning purple, no long able to hold back the load of cum that's been building in this jack off session. Dodger finally starts moaning, and it builds with intensity until he finally shoots gobs of cum all over his hairy belly. When he cock spasms are finished, he lies back in the hammock and enjoys the euphoria. He falls into a slumber in the shade.


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