Hairy man in suit.

I haven't checked out Men at Play for a while, so imagine how thrilled I was to see this staring back at me. A gorgeous hairy man in a suit. Well, he was in a suit. Now his jacket's been removed, his shirt is buttoned, and his fat cock is sticking out of the fly in his trousers. Yum! You can't actually tell by this photo, but this hairy man has his hands tied behind his back; his legs are tied together as well. Doesn't that make this photo set all the more interesting -- someone is actually stripping hairy man Manu for the photographer. Hmmm ... wouldn't that be a fun job. Not sure I'd be able to just unbutton a few buttons and back away. Ah, but I just figured out that the "dresser" would not only have unbuttoned this stud's pants, but he would have had to pull out his cock. Oh dear, the frightful things we have to do in a day's work. And Manu's got such a nice piece of meat, too. Big, floppy uncut cock jusy lying out his zipper hole, and then, as he has more and more of his clothes removed, his cock gets harder and harder.

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