hairy man gets fucked

Nothing gets me more revved up than seeing a big, beefy, masculine man getting his ass fucked. George Glass is a handsome and well-built hairy man, and in this scene from Dirty Tony, he's down on all fours and taking America's big, uncut cock up his ass.

But before George makes America's cock disappear deep inside his hairy fuck hole, this sexy, hirsute hunk swallows America's big-nobbed, uncut cock down his greedy throat. With his dick rock hard, America first climbs on top of George and pounds his butt hole open while George hangs off the bed and braces himself on the floor with his sturdy and muscular arms.

Then George throws his legs over his head and America pumps his butt full of man meat. By the time it's all over, George is on his knees with his mouth wide open and America sprays his generous load into the hairy man's hungry mouth. America doesn't have the best aim, so George's beard ends up coated in cum, too. But America doesn't want to waste a drop and slicks up his spunk in his fingers and feeds it to George who is only too happy to lap up every creamy drop!

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