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Bald hairy man Buster used to be all over the Web. I'd regularly see him teases us with his beefy, hairy body; but then, he disappeared for a while. I'm not sure where he's been, but this week I discovered him over on Hot Older Male. His photo gallery's bio mentions that he's been in San Francisco shooting a DVD for Hot Older Male's Real Men series. So we've got more Buster to look forward to, and I can't wait to see who he's fucking with. But right now, I'm happy to gaze at this hairy hunk. Look at him sprawled out on the bed. His chest hair is thick and dark, and this time around, Buster is wearing a salt 'n pepper moustache and soul patch. But I'm thrilled to see that long cock of his. Crowned with an olive-shaped cap and anchored by a big set of hairy, bull balls, Buster sure is just as hot as I've always remembered him. And in case your suffering from a little Buster withdrawl, Hot Older Male has him featured in a couple of videos to tied you over until that new release hits the streets.

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