Hairy Man Bondage

I wonder what the neighbours thought of this one. Jason is up on the roof with his Master and they're doing a rope bondage scene. Jason is hot, hairy bear and he loves the lack of control he feels when he's tied up. He put on his rubber tank top and a pair of leather chaps, and with his collar around his neck, he gets on his knees and submits to his daddy. And his Master gets to work subduing him with his fancy ropework. It's an intricate mess of knots, tangles, and criss-crosses, but it's not haphazard - in and of itself, it's a work of art. Jason is gagged with a bandana, too, his Master doesn't like to be disturbed when he's working his craft. They're playing on the roof of a downtown Toronto apartment building and I just have to wonder what the balcony dwellers surrounding them must have thought when they spied this scene unfolding. When the Master is finished securing Jason, he lashes him to a wall ladder and leaves him hanging there.

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