Hairy Man Adam Fasut

I first noticed this sexy, hairy man a few months back when he started making appearances on a couple of other gay porn websites, notably Men Over 30. But Adam Faust has been doing gay porn for a while; I just hadn't known about him. He's probably best know for his skill at being a fisting top, but lately has been wanting to get out there in more mainstram gay porn. This week hairy man Adam Faust is making an appearance on Perfect Guyz to jack off in his video. And, for me, he really is a perect guy. He's a super sexy red-head with a hot, beefy physique wrapped with a tattoo of a panther. He's got strong, bulgingly round shoulders and hard pecs that are covered in fine, red hair with nipples pierced with rings. And unlike so many other gay porn stars, it's his combination of hairy body and face that really makes him so appealing for me. And of course we don't see a lot of red heads in gay porn, so that gives him that little extra something to stand out from the crowd. Adam doesn't ever really smile for the camera, it's more of a smirk. Adam's got a nice-looking, 7-inch cut cock, and he keeps his balls shaved smooth, which I love. And I'm really looking forward to sitting back with him and watching him jack off.

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