Okay, the first pic here doesn't show his ass, but don't you love a hairy guy with a thick uncut cock? I know I do, so I was blown away when i saw Peco from Miami Boyz. I love those hairy thighs and bushy pubic hair - and of course, his nice fat dick. Peco has an almost challenging look. Maybe he's got plenty of attitude or maybe he wasn't completely comfortable in front of the camera, but he liked the money and he liked jacking off.

The Miami Boyz crew got some pics of Peco before he really got started. Check out those crisp black pubes and that uncut piece of meat he's got in this tasty closeup!


And let's not forget his firm, hairy ass. 100% natural with no plucking, trimming or shaving. Looks like this latin boy has never even THOUGHT of using a razor on his butt, balls or around his cock.


Once he gets going, Peco seems pretty turned on to be jerking his stuff on camera. He really works that piece of meat till he's just gotta cum, and shoots hot, salty jizz all over his hairy body!


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