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Hairy stud Massimo has travelled all the way from Italy to take his clothes off for Hot Older Male. He's a 46-year-old masculine man who stands 6'2" and weighs a lean 195 pounds. He's ruggedly handsome with a full beard and he's balding a bit on top. But what Massimo is lacking on his head, he makes up for with a bushy, hairy chest. Massimo has a nicely built body, too, not overly muscular, just well-defined. And when he slides out of his underwear, he reveals a beautiful, long cock. He's pretty horny, so we actually never see his cock soft. It's long, hard, and his crown is blazing red like it's angry and ready to spit. And if you like furry butts, Massimo's is covered with soft, dark hair with an even darker patch running up the crack of his ass.

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