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It's been a long, cold week. With temperatures well below zero, it's been hard staying warm when forced to go outside. And if I had any say in the matter, I'd just curl up in bed with Butch Grand and not emerge until Valentine's Day. There isn't anything I don't like about this hot and hairy hunk -- he's even got beautiful feet! I love dark-haired men, so Butch Grand's dark goatee and the bit of dark fuzz on his hair appeals to me right away. He's got beautiful, brown eyes and sensuous, kissable lips hiding under that face scruff. His body is impeccable -- strong, sculpted shoulders with hard, chiseled pecs, lean waist, and a round, fuckable ass. And all covered up with fur! Yum! And Woof! And Butch Grand is packing quite a nice piece of stiff meat between his hairy legs, and his healthy set of balls look like he's ready to bust out a big load. Butch Grand stopped by Hot Older Male recently to do a scene for their upcoming DVD Bears in Paradise, and here's a sneak preview of this sexy, hairy hunk sunning himself nude by the pool.

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