Hairy Football Player

Kayson is a hot, redhead who gets really turned on by two things - sex in a barn or sex on a football field. In this gallery of photos, he's sharing his football fetish with us at Bear Films. Who knows maybe he was gang banged by a football team in a barn when he was in college. Kayson is 32 years old and while he's bald, you can still tell that he's a redhead from that hot handlebar moustache of his. Kayson is posing in his football gear, but he strips off his tight pants to reveal his package wrapped up in a white jockstrap. Then Kayson strips off his shirt and football padding and he's one hairy man - very hairy chest, hairy arms, hairy belly, he's covered in fur. Once Kayson slides off his jockstrap he sets his football helmet on the floor and sits on it. He jacks his cock, tweaks his nipples, and shoots his load all over the floor.

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