Hairy Man's Big Dick

I love nothing more than seeing a hot, hairy daddy sitting back on a comfortable chair. Naked and showing off his solid hairy body; his meaty cock hanging between his legs and waiting for a hungry cock sucker. I can sure get some fantasies going involving Josh and his big dick. Josh is in great shape. His body is solid with curves and bumps in all the right spots. And his ass! What a beautiful sight. Plump and beefy. If you're into hairy men, you're going to pop over Josh's chest. Dark hair completely covers his chest and belly, and an even darker strip runs down the middle of his torso. Josh sits back in the chair and starts playing with his nipples. His cock dances approvingly and begins to stiffen. And by the time reaches for his dick, it's stiff as a board. He pushes it up in the air and shows us how big it is. Fuck, this hairy daddy is packing at least 9 inches. Don't you get turned on thinking about swallowing that pole right down to Josh's balls. I'll flip you for it!

Hairy Man

Hairy Man's Hard Cock

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