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Call 9-1-1 because I'm on fire! Hot Older Male usually has just the type of men who turn my crank, but every once in a while, they have a mature man who sets my pistons firing on all cylinders. Roman is a big, ruggedly handsome, daddy hunter who loves sexy daddies and bears. He relaxing under a big tree and stroking his rock-hard dick. He's bearded and very hairy, and his dark, large nipples are inviting a long play session. Hot Older Male caught up with Roman at Lazy Bear Weekend this summer and promptly invited him to shoot a video. They paired him up with hairy, beefy daddy Marc Angelo for his porn debut; and Roman topped Marc under the redwoods! (Check out Marc Angela in Sexy Hairy Man.) I'm betting we're going to see more of Roman; in fact, I'm surprised he hasn't been snapped up long before now. And when you see his massively beefy air -- complete with a very hairy ass crack -- you'll be hoping (like me) that he'll also treat us to some rear end action.

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