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I've always had a thing for older men. I remember when I first hit university, I met this hot older man who, at the time, was in his mid forties. I was nineteen. As a young man I was used to quick sex, but this older man really showed me how good sex could be if you took your time. He had this ability that he could orgasm, but he could stall the flow of cum, so even though he'd just cum, he could continue fucking. One time he was fucking my ass and he had four orgasms before he finally shot his load. And I found that so exciting because I was mainly frustrated at how quickly men would cum, and then the fucking was over. I loved getting fucked, but it never seemed to last long enough. But with this sexy daddy, it lasted plenty long enough.

Hairy daddy Ford Holland reminds me of this older man from my youth. Ford is 51 years old and he's a sexy bugger. He's ruggedly handsome with a full beard. He mostly wears a variety of ball caps and I guess maybe that's to cover up his balding head and his hair that's peppered with grey. But his beard is dark, thick, and sexy.

Ford has an awesome cock, too. It's not hugely long, but it is scrumptious thick. It really is the perfect dick for a hungry cocksucker. It's meaty and thick so you'll know that you're sucking a cock, but it's not so massive that you'll sprain your lips trying to suck it.

Aside from this jerk-off video, over at Pantheon Bear you'll find five hot suck and fuck scenes. Ford is paired up with five sexy older men and older-man admirers, and as Ford is an exclusive top man, you'll be treated to plenty of ass fucking where you can watch that thick cock plundering hungry butt holes.

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