Bald Hairy Daddy

Okay, so let me ask you this: Do you ever fantasize about crossing over to the wild side? Let's say that your type of man is a Corbin Fisher kind of guy, have you ever thought about just once picking up a big, hairy daddy like Sam and seeing what's it like? What does it feel like to rub your hands down a man's hairy back? Or kissing a man and having his beard bristle your face? Or cupping a man's big hairy balls in your hand? Or eating out a hairy fuck hole? Or feeling a big man hand slapping your ass? Have you ever thought about getting on your knees and letting a hairy Daddy like Sam take total control? Look at him sitting there is his big arm chair, with his legs spread wide, and his hard cock standing at attention. It's waiting for you. It's swollen and hard, just waiting for you to swallow the whole thing. This hairy Daddy might even grab the back of your head with his strong hands and force his cock down the back of your throat. And when he's good and hard and horny, he'll throw a hard fuck into that tight butt hole of yours. I know he may not be your normal cup of tea, but take a walk on the hairy side and see what a Daddy like Sam can do for you. You might learn a few new things about yourself.

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