Hairy Daddy Luke Steele

I haven't had a hairy daddy like this shove his cock in my face in a long time. And I do get off on the whole daddy / boy scene, that is a big, masculine man or "daddy" takes the agressive role and his of-age partner of choice plays the submissive role and services daddy's every wish. Some folks don't understand that scene and get all freaked out when you say the word "boy." But if they saw me, the "boy," they'd be even more confused because I'm about as far away from a boy as you can get: 43 years old, bald, moustached and goateed, pierced, and hairy. But being a boy is a total state of mind. It's being ready and willing to totally put your own physical needs aside to completely service your daddy. And with a hairy man like Luke Steele standing in front of me -- that wouldn't be hard. I love to get this man sitting back in a big, comfortable chair with his beefy and hairy legs spread wide. He could just rest there, tweaking his nipples, while I worked on his cock. And what a great cock he has ... Okay, I'd better stop here or I'm going to make a mess. You can see more of Luke Steele -- lots more -- at Bear Films.

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