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Pack up the mules, we're off to play Brokeback Mountain. Jack here is the latest hairy man to take his clothes off for Bear Films. And good lord, whatever this man wants, I'll take care of it. I have a strong daddy fetish and this rugged looking man could have his way with me. His bearded face really turn me on. And his cowboy gear just sends me over the edge. I'm almost sorry that he starts stripping it off. But as he unbuttons his shirt, he reveals a beautifully hairy chest and a pierced nipple. He unzips his jeans and we can see a bear paw tattoo on his pelvis. He fishes out his cock -- it's a big nobbed dick with a Prince Albert ring hanging off the tip. And that beefy butt of his inspires fantasies of me spreading those soft cheeks and sliding my tongue deep into his ass crack. Jack leans against the tree and jacks his cock. When he's ready to cum, he holds open his hand and dumps his load across his calloused hand.

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