I do love UK Naked Men because they're always bringing such a variety of guys. With Randy Blue or Corbin Fisher, you pretty much always know the type of guys that you're going to be seeing, but with UK Naked Men it's always a surprised. This week they have just added Lee who is a skinhead type with a pierced cock; last week they featured Jake a furry muscle cub, and before that was buff and clean-cut Ryan soaping up in the shower. I love Jake, who I missed last week. He's a well-built, 25-year-old. He's sporting some face scruff and a fair bit of chest hair, but his ass is smooth, even goose-pimpled as he strips out of his jeans. But the piece de resistance on this hairy boy is his big cock. The UK Naked Men bio says it's 8 inches, but I do think their ruler is broken. It sure looks a lot bigger than that. In fact, I think they ought to hire me as their official cock measurer. And I wouldn't be need a ruler because I know exactly how 8 inches of cock fits down my mouth.

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