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I haven't visited Fratmen for a while. It's funny how you can fall out of habit of visiting a site, and then, when you finally return, you think: "Why did I stop coming here, this site is hot!" Perry greeted me on my return, and what a hot young stud. He's a cute guy with a nice body. But I was really attracted to his furry belly. Perry has a small patch of hair on his chest, but his belly really turns my crank. And when he flips over on the bed, I'm even more cranked up to see his hairy ass. And all that hair looks even hotter when Perry gets in the shower and gets it all wet. Perry starts stroking his long, meaty cock, and it's looking pretty delicious with it's juicy cock head. Then this horny frat guy settles down on the bed for a long, slow jack off session.

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