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Two hairy bears, two big bellies, two stubby, fat cocks - one cut, one uncut - two furry, beefy asses ... what could be hotter? I blogged about hot furry bear Patrick Montana a while ago in Hairy Bear in Suit. He's a 47-year-old, daddy bear with a touch of grey along his temples, and a salt 'n pepper goatee. He's ruggedly handsome, wears glasses sometimes, and has a beefy body. Lovers of grey hair are going to love Patrick's chest, it's grey up top, but his big belly is still covered in brown fur. And Patrick has a super fat cock; it's not terribly long, but it's thick!

Rick Wade is the other hairy daddy in this suck and fuck video from Pantheon Bear. He's a 60-year-old man, packs a bit of a belly, and has a delicious uncut cock. These two men are so hot for one another that they can't even wait until they get to the bedroom. They start pawing and kissing one another on the stairs while heading up to Rick's bedroom. They take turns sucking each others' cocks. And Patrick's in heaven with Rick's foreskin to nibble on. Then Rick opens wide and swallows Patrick's super fattie.

Patrick ends up down on all fours with his beefy and furry butt sticking up in the air and Rick dives into that hairy ass crack with his tongue. Then he bones Patrick right there on the stairs. After getting an ass full of dick, Patrick wants to fuck Rick. And although this older daddy is generally a top man, he gives it up on the landing of the stairs. With his legs resting on Patrick's shoulders, Rick gets his ass fucked good. Rick reaches up and plays with Patrick's sensitive nipples, coaxing the bear's big balls to release their huge load of spunk. By the end of this fuck scene, these two hairy bears are covered in spunk. Head over to Pantheon Bear and check out the preview of these two hairy bears fucking.

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