hairy bear orgy

I love group sex and I'm constantly on the hunt for parties that are happening in my neighbourhood. Ben and Chad are a pair of lovers who also enjoy a good orgy. They have a cabin up in the mountains and a couple of times over the summer they like to invite some buddies along for a sex romp. This time, they invited along Pantheon Bear to film this hairy bear orgy.

The guys get the party started with two of their buddies. They're all sucking and kissing and getting warmed up on the sofa in the cabin. Then big, burly bear Jeff Wells arrives. He's a ruggedly handsome bald man with a sexy beard and a big cock. He quickly undresses and joins the crowd of naked bears on the floor. By the time red-headed bear Rusty McMann arrives, things are in full swing. The men pile onto the couch, a couple of men are sucking one another's cocks, another kneels on the floor and swallows the closest available cock; Rusty goes around to the back of the couch and sits on the face of one of the other men who is getting his cock sucked. It's a big, sweaty group sex scene and things get even wetter when these men start shooting their creamy loads.

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