Gay Bondage

Have you ever completely turned yourself over to someone and just let them run a scene for you? It can be quite hot with the right person. Of course you need to talk about your limits with them beforehand and set up a "safe" word if things are crossing some lines of comfort, but once the preliminaries are out of the way, watch out! You could be in for some of the hottest sex you'll ever have - if you let yourself go. This hairy bear duo are involved in some scene play at Bearbound. The submissive is quite solid and hairy, sporting a couple of piercings and some tattoo work. And he likes playing with collars and dog leases. He likes his master to yank his chain, pulling him in real close, and then, letting loose with a barage of stern commands and insults. It makes his cock stir when his hairy bear Master uses the dog lease to bring him to his knees. And from there, it's up to his Master. Bearbound is one of the Web's most unique sites featuring hairy men and bears in gay bondage scenes and other types of scene play.

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