Hairy Threesome

Lobo Al is the center of attention in this threesome sex scene. In fact, Al is featured in his very own DVD called Lobo's Bear Gang Bang. Pantheon Bear is giving us a sneak peek at a part of that weekend-long event. At this point, Lobo Al is tired, having already endured a punishing fuck from a long line of bears. When Derrick Ward and Brock Packard strut into his room and want their turn, he can't say no. Brock is the sexy man with the face scruff and he's got a long, 9-inch cock. Derrick is the youngest in this threeway and he's wearing a mohawk. (God, I love mohawks.) I love the photo where Derrick is piled on top of Lobo in a 69 cocksucking positon with Brock pushing his 9-inch monster into the mix. Lobo greedily takes both their cocks up his ass, but he's in absoute heaven when he's lying back on the bed with a man jerking off on either side. By the end of it, Lobo's hairy belly will be covered in three loads of spunk!

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