Hairy Bear in Suit

It's not very often that we get to see naked men wearing glasses. But this week Pantheon Bear gives us a double whammy: a hairy bear wearing a suit and glasses. Daddy bear Patrick Montana is just getting home from a hard day at the office. He's been horny for most of the afternoon and he's been thinking of nothing except stripping naked and unloading his balls all over his hairy belly. When he arrived home, he turns on the video camera so his buddies at Pantheon Bear can watch him jacking his cock. He looks handsome and sexy in his suit, but Patrick looks even hotter as he starts stripping out of his work clothes. As he unbuttons his shirt he reveals a broad, hairy chest; a few more buttons, and his hairy belly pops out. He unzips his trousers and fishes out his stiff cock. Fully naked, Patrick restrains his cock and balls with his tie and squeezes until they're both fully engorged. Then he bends over and fingers his bear butt. Wow! That must have been one tough day at the office because this hairy bear is ready to pop and you're going to want to watch!

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