Hairy Bear

Hairy bear Andrew Mason is one of the busiest bears at Bear Films. He's appeared in five video clips, three action galleries, and two solo photo shoots. He's a sexy fucker and the quintessential hairy bear. Andrew is balding up top, but he's got one of the fullest, thick goatees I've seen. And it's a beautiful, fiery red. When Andrew strips off his shirt, he reveals a very hairy torso. His solid and thick body is covered in hair - even his shoulders are hairy, with hair creeping down his arms. This hairy bear is sporting nipple piercings and his nibs are big and suckable. But for me, the best part of this big furry man is his thick cock. It's a fat fucker, and at least where I'm concerned, it's girth that matter. I love a dick that can really fill up and stretch my hole, and Andrew's looks like it would do the trick.His shaft is thick and his flared cock head is plump and glistening in the light. Delicious! And Andrew's balls are tight, hugging close to his body, and shaved - just the way I like them. A smooth set of balls feels so good rolling around in your mouth. If you haven't seen Andrew's videos, you're going to love watching this hairy stud in action. Whether he's pumping a hungry butt full of his fat cock, or he's hoisting his legs in the air and taking a bone, Andrew is a big turn-on.



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