Hairy Ass Play

Rob Thomas is one of the hairiest men you're ever going to see. You have to dig deep in that mat of chest hair to nibble on one of his super-sized nipples. The hair stands up on his shoulders and crawls across his back. His butt cheeks are furry, but his ass crack is a virtual forest. I think the only smooth part of this hairy hunk is the soles of his feet and hands and his cock. On Hot Older Male this week, Rob feeds his big cock to leather man Greg Mitchell before settling back in the leather sling set up in this playroom. Greg devours Rob's substantial dick, but he's really interested in a hot ass play session with Rob's very, hairy ass. Greg opens up Rob's ass with his big, uncut cock. It's a thick fucker and collared in foreskin. After plundering Rob's ass, Greg opens him wider with his fingers, and then, he starts pushing a huge dildo inside Rob's hole; the toy is long with a big round ball every so inches, and Rob makes many of those balls disappear. Greg even makes his fist disappear up Rob's ass before the hairy man gets down on his knees and sucks off his leather daddy.

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