Hairy Ass Jock

There's new meat at Corbin Fisher. Charlie is a hot, hairy-assed jock and he's cute as can be. He's an interesting contradiction with his boyish good looks, some chin scruff, and a hairy ass. In fact, Corbin Fisher says that before the shoot Charlie pulled him aside and asked, "Should I shave my ass? It's really hairy." Thankfully, Corbin Fisher suggested Charlie keep things natural. There's nothing wrong with a hairy ass, Charlie, many of us like them - and yours is super hot. In fact, I'm already wondering whether Charlie will be back for more, and whether we'll see him eventually getting his hairy ass plugged one day. And I'm betting we will. I've learned how to spot a Corbin Fisher guy. And Charlie is it. He's 18, stands over 6-feet tall, and weighs a solid 190 pounds. He has an incredible tan, a pair of intense blue eyes, and a lean and trim body. And the camera loves him, whether he's looking brooding and serious, or flashing his infectious smile. And Charlie knows how to pound one out. He prefers standing when he jerking off, and that gives the camera a perfect view of his juicy cum shot.

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