Hairy Ass Hole

I do love it when a man loves showing off his ass hole. I think it shows the height of comfortability with one's self. And look at Devon here, hoisting his legs and spreading those beefy butt cheeks. His pink fuck hole is spread wide. Man, that's a hot rimming scene just waiting to happen. This is Devon Berks and he's one of the men who starred in "Big Ben and the British Bears." I'll have to check that out because with an ass like this, I'm hoping he's getting fucked. In his Bear Films gallery, there are some great pictures of his kneeling on all fours, showing off his hairy fuck hole with his balls swinging between his legs. Devon is a tall bugger, standing 6 feet, and he's got a solid body. He's not muscular, just solid, and he's covered in hair. I love the head of his cock, it's round, stubby, and plump. And when this man shoots, he dumps a big load.

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