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JJ is one of the new guys over at Fratmen. And if you're into hairy armpits or uncut cocks, you're going to love this cute college guy. First off, JJ is a real cutie. He's still boyishly good looking and even has a chin dimple. As JJ takes off his shirt, you'll see that his chest and belly are completely smooth. But when this stud raises his arms behind his head, you'll notice his armpits are very hairy. It's so hot! And that pit hair really stands out against is white, untanned skin. But pretty quickly you'll also notice JJ has something else that draws your attention -- he's packing a big, uncut cock between those hairy legs of his. (Yes, he's got hairy legs, too!) His stiff cock remains covered in foreskin and his low hanging balls are quite impressive. JJ has a treasure trail rising out of his bush and crawling up to his navel. So I'm betting that within another five years or so that smooth chest of JJ's isn't going to be so smooth, so enjoy it while you can!

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