I haven't visited for a little while. It's summer and the weather's been nice, so I've been busy. But the nights are starting to get cool, so I have a bit more time to surf. Armpits has been one of my favourite sites since it launched a few months ago. A whole site devoted to mostly hairy armpits. And I was delighted to see Derek amongst their recent updates. What a hot man! I love this picture of him with his hands up behind his head and showing off his hairy pits. He massages them and smells them and gets turned on by his own man scent. And oh my god, wait until you see his balls. Nice big set of big bull balls. More than a handful there, for sure. They're fucking huge; I'm not sure how Derek walks properly. And when he's jacking off, he loves massaging them and pushing them down between his legs. Derek's got a nice solid body. He doesn't look like he works out much, just naturally solid -- don't we all wish we had those kinds of genes. And he's hairy and sporting a few tattooes, including one above his hairy belly that says, "Diry White Boy." And when he shoots his load he sprays cum all over his hairy belly, just falling a little short of covering his tattoo. Hot!

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