I'm never truly amazed by anything I see when I surf gay porn. I've been doing it for so long that I'm just not all that surprised at what I find out there. First of all, so much of it is the same that it really takes something special or different or out-of-this-world weird to make me take notice. A couple of weeks back when was first launched, I thought, "What a great fucking idea!" Now, I always knew that I loved to nuzzle my nose in a man's pits when I'm having really hot sex. I love breathing in his musky and masculine smell -- it's like poppers. But I never knew that my appeal for hairy armpits went any further than that until I watched these two guys embroiled in a scorcher of a sex scene in a tent. And I just watched another of their video clips that pretty much sent me over the edge. After a long kissing and sucking session, with lots of attention paid to their armpits, hot Latino guy Brad Slater gets his ass fucked hard by Jason. (Brad Slater is awesome, I just found out he's kind of famous so I'll be looking for more him.) Finally, Slater can't take another thrust and his buddy climbs on top of him and jacks off all over his chest. While Jason recuperates, Brad Slater gets on his knees and jacks off all over his buddy's armpit. Fuck, it was hot! And as if that wasn't enough, he swirled his fingers in his own cum and let his buddy lick his fingers. Finally, he bent over and kissed and licked the cum off his buddy's armpit and then falls into a nice, slow, passionate kiss. Wow! I know I'm going to be checking this site out often -- okay, I admit it, I was a little amazed. :)

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