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One of the things that I like about Dirty Tony's website is that he mixes up the guys nicely. Sometimes Dirty Tony films jock-on-jock sex, sometimes he pairs up two or three masculine muscle jocks, and like this scene, sometimes he teams up vastly different types like this hairy and smooth couple. Philip Aubrey is blond, boyish looking, and hairless and he's playing with masculine and hairy Sean Stavos, who is a hot hunk of man.

This hairy and smooth couple start off kissing and that gets Philip really revved up and he starts ripping off Sean's pants and underwear. Then Philip starts working over Sean's meaty cock. Sean gives us a premonition of things to come when he puts Philip down on all fours and starts slathering all over his tight butt hole. Sean flips Phillip onto his back and the two launch into a 69 cocksucking session. By the time Sean is finished his asshole worshipping he's so horny that he plunges his hard fuck stick all the way into Philip's cock-hungry, puckered hole.

Sean passionately pounds Philip's ass in the missionary position, his bull-heavy balls slap into Philip rhythmically. Philip grabs his legs and holds them over his head so Sean can use all his power and strength to fuck the blond's ass.

Sean is hitting Philip's prostate and driving the blond stud crazy. Philip climbs on top of this hairy man and mounts his dick. He wants to fuck Sean's cock and see his own dick spew it's load all over Sean's hairy belly. After Philip blows his creamy load, he pulls off Sean's cock and the hairy man blasts a magnificent load of spunk up on to his hairy chest, with subsequent bursts hitting Phillip in the neck. This is definitely an example what happens when opposites attract. Head over to Dirty Tony and check out the free video clip.

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