Hairy Straight Guy Gets Blown

Say hello to New York Straight Men's newcummer - Cliff. He's 34 years old and he was snagged up by a woman who convinced him over coffee to cum in and get blown by another guy. He was pretty skiddish about the whole thing at first of course, but eventually he gave in and thought he'd give it a try. As you can see, Cliff is a really hairy fucker. Of course, Sergio didn't mind that fact one bit and loved burying his face in Cliff's furry crotch while deep throating him. Once the latino cocksucker got his mouth firmly wrapped around Cliff's dick, the first timer managed to relax a bit. I always love it when the camerama covers a blowjob from many angles and we get to see some great shots of Cliff's hairy nuts and ass while he gets blown. Skiddish or not, Cliff loved getting serviced orally by another guy!

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