A one hour workout is only 4% of your day, so you have no excuse! That was something I read at Gymsperations, and it immediately made me feel guilty. But I soon got over it as I started exploring this fitness blog-cum-site. Looking on the bright side there are lots of ideas here for books to buy, sites to visit and things to stock up on in order to help you in your fitness and weight loss regime; and that is another way of saying that there are lots of adverts here, but they are all on target and theme. The page is set out with large images and then some text, and then thumbnails of images from similar posts so you can scroll down and easily get diverted by an image of a six pack or a guy working out topless, or a guy in sweats looking rather hunky. There's something about gyms, fitness sites and handsome guys that go together and it all combines here.

And that is another way of saying that this is a blog that's peppered with pics of hunky guys, if that's what you're after, while at the same time being useful for serious gym-bunnies and anyone wanting ideas for fitness and health sites to visit.

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